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Sub-Domain Hosting For As Little As $25 A Month! Such as:









We Do Web Hosting!

Yes, we can provide you with reliable web hosting at affordable prices.  The network is 100% Cisco and Linux powered network was built and is maintained by our technicians. When a problem arises, our tech's are the ones to respond. Our servers are located in Orlando, Florida.  Contact Us today for a reasonable personal price quote.  Remember you always get what you pay for.

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Our connections are the best connections, ran straight into our data center and your servers are the first to get zapped with these unrestrained highways. Our data center is located in a multi-homed connection. We do not use 1 carrier nor do we use cheap cogent bandwidth. We are connected to TIER 1 providers!
Our main lines are,
Level3 gigE , UUNET OC-12, and TimeWarner OC-48
Our bandwidth power is limitless for your account ...only according to your plan. ;)

Instead of having 6-8 Rescue Disks for your computer operating system, check out this program.  You only need 1 disk for any
Operating System, no matter which one you have on your computer.